This is the art of guiding groups in a process to do Strategic Planning. As a strategy facilitator, Siphiwe will bring together the best tools, processes and methodologies available for strategic planning. Strategy Workshops are widely used for strategy development, and they can be incredibly effective. Because he facilitates many of them, he knows how to get the best results. 


Good facilitators can get you to where you want to be without a great deal of difficulty, exploring different avenues along the way but ultimately ending up at the correct destination. Siphiwe uses process facilitation skills to achieve the following: 

  • To increase employees’ level of engagement, satisfaction and commitment
  • To increase the level of interpersonal trust among employees.
  • To confront problems instead of neglecting them
  • To increase cooperation and collaboration among employees
  • To help employees assume personal responsibility and accountability for outcomes of their work
  • To turn organisational values into actions that employees can live out every day.


At certain levels in your organization, internal learning facilitators become ineffective, not because they lack the skills but because you just need an independent, highly skilled and experienced professional to deal with senior people. Whether it is your internal leadership/management/coaching programs or one built externally for you – we can facilitate learning at the middle to senior management level effectively.


You have just done a staff engagement or morale survey and you do not like the results. How do you get to the core of what staff members are actually saying to you without actually breaking the confidentially of the survey? We have facilitated many of these sessions where we are able to “deep dive” the issue without creating a “gripe session”.


In order to ensure a successful delivery of your event, you need a Master of Ceremonies but not just any, instead of someone that is unique, exciting, interactive, informed and most of all an MC with a good sense of humour to keep the audience alive. As one client once said “booking Siphiwe Moyo as your MC is like hiring a financial journalist and comedian at the same time”,